Sunset at Dawn

The final volume in the series The Human Struggle has been published. In it, the war off-world rages on, with angels and fighters battling to contain it, as in the previous three books in this series. Meanwhile on earth, immense developments are afoot, which could alter human history by deeply involving the divine feminine. But mankind’s enemies, aware of earth, have established their own corporation here to promote the planet’s demise. As fighters from the previous books infiltrate this deadly corporation, another fighter, Rafael Orozco, finds himself sidelined, only to learn that his new job means protecting someone whose appearance on earth may be too momentous to hide.


The Race of Men

The third volume in the sci-fi fantasy series “The Human Struggle” is The Race of Men and it is now available on amazon. Here’s a description of what volume three is all about:

Mankind’s enemies are on the move, and once again humanity is a few steps behind. The fighter, Detective Orozco, hero of the two previous novels in this series, The Human Struggle, is confronted with finding homes for the millions of fighters’ orphans, stranded by the enemy’s assault on their alternate universe, an assault that is leading to its collapse. Orozco’s transuniverse orphanage, even assisted by angels, is swamped, and to make matters worse, another fighter, hero of Zone of Illusion, Pavel Saltwater, must crack the code of how, precisely, the enemy is destabilizing multiple human realities throughout the cosmos. And the prospects look grim.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Realm of Shadow, it is also available on amazon, as is the second, Zone of Illusion. Here’s the description of Realm of Shadow:

This combination of fantasy and science fiction follows the struggles of guardians and fighters, groups entrusted with the defense of earth, here and off-world, Elsewhere, where a war rages against humankind’s enemies, a war in which angels assist fighters. The novel also follows the flight of a young man who knows a guardian’s name-which has brought an enemy interrogator, who is not human, to earth for the first time. As the guardians hurry to hide him and the fighters struggle to protect earth, off-world, Elsewhere, millions of fighters mass for what could be the final battle to save their poor, besieged home planet. Realm of Shadow is also the story of a rescue and an escape from a prison world, a vast charnel house known to, feared and avoided by fighters and guardians; an escape on which earth’s fate and the war’s outcome both depend.

And here’s the description of Zone of Illusion:

In this second volume of the series, The Human Struggle, fighters attempt to stave off a reality collapse in a universe contiguous to earth’s. The enemy, determined to extirpate humanity from all alternate realities, is sacking, burning, conquering and murdering his way through the cosmos, and now enemy storm troopers have found a doorway into earth and are filtering into our world. Fighters and the visionaries they work with, guardians, struggle to keep them at bay, while a lonely few of their number must journey far behind enemy lines to destroy the power which keeps humanity losing the war that has been fought off-world for millennia. From the first shot at the story’s opening to the search for a guardian replaced by his doubles, to the white-hot fireballs with which angels destroy enemy commanders, Zone of Illusion portrays a non-stop sci-fi/fantasy war of the worlds..